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Surgical Labiaplasty Revision or Restoration Labiaplasty is the surgical procedure performed to correct deformed labia or botched labiaplasty surgery.

Gary Alter, MD is the innovator & acknowledged leader in botched labiaplasty reconstruction surgery. He  wrote the FIRST medical paper on botched labiaplasties – published in the most prestigious plastic surgical journal in the world called “Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery”.
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Local patients meet with Dr. Alter at least two times prior to corrective botched labiaplasty surgery. If the patient lives far away, Dr. Alter will usually telephone consult to discuss the labiaplasty repair surgery and eliminate any misconceptions. Out-of-town patients preferably meet with Dr. Alter one to two days before any scheduled surgery.

The office staff will assist you with any of your needs – including financing. Please contact us for more information or an appointment.

Please feel free to contact Beverly Hills / Manhattan Botched Labiaplasty Repair Plastic Surgeon – Doctor Gary Alter, MD to make an appointment to correct your botched labiaplasty and revise it as soon as possible at either the Plastic Surgeon’s Beverly Hills, California or Manhattan, New York Botched Labiaplasty Revision Plastic Surgery Center.

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