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Gary J. Alter, M.D.
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Dr. Gary J. Alter is an American Board Certified Plastic Surgeon and Board Certified Urologist who is widely hailed for his innovative approach and life-changing techniques in the field of labiaplasty revision and reconstruction surgery. Dr. Alter has been reconstructing and repairing labia minora deformities due to past botched labiaplasties since the mid-90s—with a tremendous amount of success. He has single-handedly perfected numerous reconstructive techniques that help women achieve the look and functionality they require. He performs labiaplasty revision and reconstruction surgery in Beverly Hills and NYC at his state-of-the-art surgical facilities.









“A world expert. Dr Alter is basically the Wizard of Vaginas.
He is the “Vagina Wizard”.

– Dr. Terry Dubrow, Botched, E! Entertainment 

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Labiaplasty Reconstruction Surgery

Weighing your options regarding a less than ideal labiaplasty can be daunting to be sure.
Dr. Alter and staff are dedicated to your wellness and look forward to connecting with you about your concerns and goals.

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The Lowdown on Botched Labiaplasty

Over the past two decades, the demand for vaginal reconstruction (labia minora reduction, labiaplasty revision, labia majora reduction, and pubic contouring) has increased substantially. And for a majority of women who undergo a reductive labiaplasty, they are very happy with the results and report little to no side effects. In fact, a majority of women report feeling better about their vaginas and even enjoy more sensation during sex as a result. It’s a win-win.

Unfortunately, not all reductive labiaplasty surgeries turn out the way patients want for a number of reasons. Often, it’s the result of unqualified or inadequately trained physicians. Many women turn to their gynecologists or obstetricians, but these surgeons may not have the specific training required to achieve a successful labia reduction. Lack of hands-on experience with modern labiaplasty techniques and proper cosmetic vaginal reconstruction may also contribute to less than ideal results. And occasionally, a poor outcome can be attributed to a patient’s anatomy or a patient’s failure to follow post-op instructions.

For many women, a bad labiaplasty may only require a minor revision or repair that was missed during the original surgery, such as to fix modest dissymmetry or smooth over a prominent edge. But for many other women, the effects of a botched labiaplasty results in acute outer vaginal deformities that cause cosmetic and physical issues for the patient.

A botched labiaplasty can take a huge toll on the patients who unfortunately experience them. Many women report feeling mutilated, that they’ve been robbed of their womanhood, and some are overwhelmed by the resulting pain and tenderness. Both the cosmetic and physical side effects of a failed labia surgery can impact women’s sex life in profoundly negative ways.

Dr. Alter is the preeminent leader in botched labia reconstruction and cosmetic vaginal surgery. In 2011, Dr. Alter published a highly praised medical paper extensively detailing the various reconstructive techniques available for women who have experienced botched labia surgeries 

¹ Alter, Gary J., M.D. Labia Minora Reconstruction Using Clitoral Hood Flaps, Wedge Excisions, and YV Advancement Flaps, Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery. 127(6):2356-2363, June 2011.
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