Can I Treat a Botched Labiaplasty Non-surgically?

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With so many non-surgical aesthetic treatments available today (to address and treat a host of aesthetic and physical concerns), it is easy to assume that any concern can be remedied without needing to go under the knife.

Sadly, that is still not always the case.

There is no way to correct an unsatisfactory labiaplasty with non-surgical methods, and revision surgery continues to be the best way to achieve results that you are happy with.

Successful Labiaplasty Revision & Reconstruction Techniques

The success of your labiaplasty revision depends on the techniques used by the surgeon. As the leading labiaplasty specialist, Dr. Gary Alter has created innovative methods of reconstructing the labia, even when the previous doctor removes too much tissue.

Botched labiaplasties can be corrected through revision labiaplasty in the following ways, which were invented by Dr. Alter:

  • Reconstruction of one labium or both labia by using the remaining labial tissue.
  • Fixing a gap created during a botched labiaplasty; here, the surgeon excises the gap and brings the edges together.
  • When one or both labia are entirely absent, the surgeon may be able to make new labia from remaining clitoral hood tissue.
  • A scalloped labium can be smoothed out by trimming or suturing or removed by using a wedge excision.
  • A hanging clitoral hood can be reattached for normal positioning.
  • A large, protuberant, wide clitoral hood can be reduced with a clitoropexy, a procedure that removes the extra skin and re-positions the clitoris.

These are complicated plastic surgery techniques that require moving around tissues without impacting the blood supply.

Do You Have Pain After a Botched Labiaplasty?

Pain after labiaplasty is typically due to scarring around the edges of the labia, which is most often caused by unskilled surgeons using the trim method of labia reduction.

With Dr. Alter’s wedge technique, this occurrence is much rarer; however, it is still possible when performed by an unskilled surgeon.

Luckily, one of the best parts of a successful labiaplasty revision is the enhanced comfort. A revision procedure can often reduce instances of pain from labiaplasty.

Choosing Your Surgeon to Perform Labiaplasty Revision

After undergoing an initial labiaplasty, only to achieve subpar or downright failed results, it is understandable to be apprehensive about a revision procedure. This is why finding a reliable and skilled plastic surgeon — particularly one who specializes in labiaplasty and revision labiaplasty procedures — is critical.

As a pioneer in his field and the preeminent expert on labiaplasty revision, Dr. Alter has patients that come from all over the country to his Beverly Hills, California, or New York City practices for his expertise.

Any woman who has experienced a botched labiaplasty will want to choose their surgeon carefully, as this procedure is extremely delicate and must be performed with meticulous care.

Are You Suffering From a Botched or Unsatisfactory Labiaplasty?

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